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“Keep studying. Nobody can take what you've learnt away from you”
― E. Valiño

And that's what I am doing.


As a firm believer of the oral tradition and storytelling, my personal preference is to learn through people. I really admire how (the good) teachers can convey their passion for a topic and that energy inspires me to learn, investigate, expand, grow. A snippet of that below.

2011 - 2012

I've always been passionate about communication in all its forms and after graduating in Journalism and Communications I had the eternal question in my head - what to do next? At the time I knew I wanted to dig deeper into the audiovisual world through a journalistic angle... and I really wanted to become a news anchor ;)

Studying this Master's was an immersion into the craft of TV reporting in a hectic environment: writing, presenting, editing, publishing in record time. And I had to honor to learn from the best professionals.

TV presenters
All smiles on my graduation ceremony

BA in Journalism and Communications, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

2006 - 2011

Probably one of the most fulfilling times of my life, I moved to Madrid to pursue my bachelor's degree where I got to learn the ins and outs of the Media world: from the theories behind the different forms of communication, to content creation in all its forms: written, photographic, radiophonic, in TV and in film. I learned how to produce this content too - audiovisual editing was my favourite part! I also enjoyed analyzing movies, TV series and creating my own reports. During this time I was also awarded internships to build a digital audiovisual online data base, to study at the University of California, Berkeley for the summer term, to go on language exchange courses to France and the UK and to work on the podcast promotional coverage of a music festival.

I basically spent my degree reading, watching movies and TV series, writing and in surrounded by cables. My time at university coincided with a very premature form of online media (and social media), so it was a very stimulating time to experiment with different formats.

Cambridge House School

1990 - 2006

The best gift my parents gave me was an international education. In the early 90s in Spain it was quite uncommon to send children to these non-traditional, less well known schools. This one helped shape me into who I am today: it sparked my creativity, helped me develop critical thinking and opened my mind to cultures outside my own. It was also a very tough time during which I built resilience and other valuable survival skills. Above of all, I made life-long friendships.

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